Welcome (Back) to a New Year at Edmonton Suzuki Piano!

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer break with plenty of time to relax and regroup before the busy-ness of fall and regular life resumes!  We are looking forward to welcoming our new and returning students to Edmonton Suzuki Piano this fall.  It will be wonderful to see the smiling faces of our students once again.

We wanted to give you an update about our individual and group lesson programs as we navigate through a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We take the risks of this pandemic very seriously and care about the health and safety of our Suzuki piano community.  For this reason, we have developed guidelines that will be necessary for everyone to follow – and we’ll need your help to ensure everyone remains safe.

Individual Lessons:

While some teachers will continue to teach only using the online model, other teachers will offer both in-person and online lessons.    For those of you who choose to return to in-person lessons, there will be some changes to how we offer lessons this school year.

  • Every family has the right to ask for and receive online lessons.
  • Every teacher has the right to teach online instead of in-person.
  • Before each lesson, parents and teachers must complete the Pre-Screening COVID-19 Checklist, and not attend lessons if symptomatic.
  • Upon arrival at lessons, families must wait outside of the studio until the previous family has exited the studio.  There should be no overlap or observation of in-person lessons. (Every studio is a physically different, so your teacher will outline procedures at their studio).  Families must utilize hand sanitizer provided by the teacher upon entry and before beginning lessons.
  • If teachers choose to teach in-person in the fall, they:
    • Will provide hand sanitizer for everyone entering the studio.
    • Will clean piano and bench and any shared surfaces between families.
    • Rearrange positioning of pianos, piano benches, and seating for the parent so that everyone can remain as socially distant from each other as possible. 
  • Only one parent and the student/s receiving lessons can attend lessons.  No extra siblings, parents, etc. can attend the lesson.
  • When teaching in-person lessons, teachers have the right to send a family home if someone is exhibiting symptoms related to COVID.  Since anyone who has a runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, etc. is legally obligated to isolate for 10 days, no one should be attending or offering lessons if they have symptoms.  Teachers will provide online lessons for students who are exhibiting any type of symptom of illness.  If teachers have symptoms and must enter isolation, the same situation would apply.
  • Teachers and families must wear a mask at lessons.

For those families who choose to return to in-person lessons, our new waiver must be completed and signed before lessons can begin.  The waiver outlines the inherent risk of participating in in-person lessons during this pandemic and, along with direction from the ESPS which will be emailed or posted from time to time, outlines the obligations of parents, students and teachers in order to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible.

Group Lessons:

Currently, we are actively organizing and planning for groups this school year.  Given the guidance from the Chief Medical Officer of Health around cohort groups and social distancing requirements, it is likely that most groups will be online this fall.    Group activities and delivery will differ from teacher to teacher and the lesson length or frequency might change from our traditional monthly model.  Due to the limitations of online classes, there will be less emphasis on ensemble playing.  Instead, students might learn more music theory, history or musicianship.  We are not expecting to offer our May group concerts in their usual format, but we’ll be developing the best alternatives for our students over the term.  

Your teacher will have more information on group classes as we move through September.  Plans may also change as we react to the stages of the pandemic.

Whether online or in-person, our teachers strive to make group class a time where our student musicians can build friendships and support one another in their musical journey.