Ensure success at your child’s lesson by following these tried and true suggestions offered up by teachers, parents and even students:

Preparation on Lesson Day

  • Mention to your child early in the day that it’s lesson day.
  • Mention it periodically throughout the day with enthusiasm and interest.
  • Play the Suzuki CD, focussing on the songs that your child is learning.

Before Departure and on the way to the Studio:

  • Offer your child a healthy snack._DSC3611
  • Allow plenty of time to get to the studio – no one enjoys feeling rushed.
  • Listen to the Suzuki CD in the car.
  • Arrive at the studio quietly, remove outerwear, and if there is another session
    in progress, sit down and listen.
  • Please remember to be as quiet as possible. While you are waiting, you are actually preparing your child to focus and concentrate on his/her lesson.

What to Bring to the Studio

  • Your Suzuki repertoire book.
  • Your Practice Guide and a pencil for note taking.
  • Refrain from bringing toys or other items that might distract your child.

During Your Child’s Lesson

  • During your child’s lesson, you are the “silent partner.” As an observer, your role is to simply watch, listen, and take notes.
  • Questions and comments can break your child’s focus, so save them for the end of the session.


  • A show of affection for your child, such as a hug, smile, or high five, is usually well received at the end of the session. This kind of non-verbal communication demonstrates support for your child.
  • Children know when they are being patronized, so be very careful and honest about your praising.

Stop While You Are Ahead

  • If your teacher notices that your child’s attention span is waning, she may conclude the lesson, regardless of what time it is, because continuing might be counter-productive.