Having trouble thinking of ways to make practice fun or more effective?
Why not try some of these suggestions made by ESPS students and parents?
I like having my favourite toy sitting on the piano to check for posture and watch me play.
I get to choose songs to play.
I like playing for pennies.  When I get a repetition or some fingering correct, I get to keep a penny
I like playing in the forest (the black keys).
Sometimes, if my son has lots of energy, we will play games where mom plays the piano, and my son moves like the music (fast, slow, staccato, legato, loud, and soft).
I like playing with separate hands.
I like to make up games to play
I like to turn songs into games with the metronome.  By playing the metronome you can see differently about the piece you are playing.
Show up!  Try to play blind.
I like to perform for all of the visitors that come to our house.
We use dominoes for each correct repetition and at the end of our practices session; we build a domino construction and knock it down.
Put the name of the piano pieces on paper into a bag.  Then, shake the bag and pick a paper.  Whatever the song is, play it (along with the practice points) and then check it off the list.  Continue to draw out the names of the pieces one by one.  Have fun
I like to practice with mom at home.
Think about playing the song perfectly right before you go to sleep.
I get one M&M for every song I play correctly and that keeps me going!
We have a little glass jar.  We keep 5 small beads to keep track of each repetition of our practice.  We enjoy placing all of the beads back into the jar.
I like to take breaks from playing piano notes, and play rhythm and beat games by clapping out the difference between rhythm and beat.
Have a healthy but desirable snack during practice – one bite after each task is practical.  Use a wet wipe…
I have a cup with all the book one piano songs on Popsicle sticks.  I get to pick sticks to see which songs I will play.
I like to play games with my parents.  If you play good, then your mom has to do a funny trick or if you put your wrists down a stuffed animal will fall off the piano.  You need to do something weird!
Start by playing slower and quiet, and then play a little faster and a little louder.  When it is very loud and quick then you play quieter and slower until there is no sound left.
I like it when Mommy is the teacher and then I am the teacher.
I like every time we play we get a chocolate bar.
I like to start with my favourite songs.
I like making up my own song when practice is almost over.
I like to play with my older brother, have concerts at home, or teach my mom how to play music.
I like making a puzzle.  I get one piece every time I play a song.
I like to break a practice spot (line or section) into small pieces.
I like to practice a spot first slowly, a little faster, then normal speed.
I like to colour the dynamics in the book with different colours – example:  forte = green
We were having a hard time motivating over the summer, but a friend had a great idea.  I expanded on it.  My son loves Lego so we bought a Lego set and he got one step in putting it together every time he practiced.  There are a lot of steps to put these kits together!
Be honest – did you really do it 3 times in a row the correct way?