It’s graduation time!  You’ve practised for weeks, months, even years. You’ve persevered through difficult parts, learned challenging new pieces, and performed countless repetitions. You have made it to the end – and a new beginning!

Graduation ceremonies celebrate the success of ESPS students. When a student has completed each volume of the Suzuki repertoire, s/he will perform three pieces from that volume at a concert with other graduates.

_DSC7252 (2)Here are some tips to celebrate the student’s accomplishment and ensure a confident performance:

• Dress up for your graduation! This is a special occasion: you’ve done much preparation for it. Jeans, T-shirts, shorts, and messy running shoes or boots are not appropriate.
• Arrive early so you do not feel rushed before your performance. If you are not familiar with this area, then plan to come extra early so you are not late for the graduation.
• Invite your family and friends. Just as they are important to you, you are important to them. Share in the excitement of your accomplishment!
• Be respectful during the performances. Sit quietly and attentively during the performances. Sound carries in the hall, so whispering, paper rustling or a beeping camera can distract other guests. Should you need to leave the hall, wait until there is a break in the program. When you return, wait outside the hall until there is a break before taking your seat.
• Stay until the end of the graduation when plaques and certificates are awarded and photographs are taken.
• Stay for the reception afterwards. Enjoy some treats and savour the moment with your family and friends.

Where: Muttart Hall, inside MacEwan College’s Alberta College campus in the heart of downtown, overlooking the river valley. The address is 10050 MacDonald Drive, which is west of the big Telus Tower and east of McDougall United Church.

Access: Drive south on 100 St., then west on MacDonald Drive, which is a one-way street going west. Access to the parking lot is on the west side of Alberta College. Parking is a few dollars on a Sunday. Alternatively, free street parking free may be available near 102 Street or 103 Street.