Take on the 2019 Summer Practice Challenge!

School is about to break and summer vacation is right around the corner, and it can be tough to think about piano practice when there are so many fun adventures to be had!

We don’t want the hard work of students over the school year to be erased by a summer with no practice. And, since it is hard to maintain a typical practice schedule, how about considering some alternate forms of practice? Why not think about taking on our Summer Practice Challenge? Students receive an activity sheet and are challenged to complete at least 7 items over the summer break. Tasks can include attending a music concert, playing familiar tunes a little differently, or reviewing old favourites. There’s even room for students, parents and teachers to create their own personal challenge for the summer!

In September, students can present their Summer Practice Challenge results to their teacher, and those completing the challenge will take away a special souvenir and will be entered in a prize raffle!