100 Day Practice Challenge Begins!

Wikipedia tells us that a habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Habits – brushing our teeth, taking the recycling to the curb, completing our homework – are automatic and allow us to go about our day productively and efficiently.

Daily piano practice can soon be another good habit – and we’ve created the 100-Day Practice Challenge to encourage this development for ESPS students. Beginning in January, students will earn stickers by reporting the numbers of days they practice each week. Students will have the chance to win prizes during the challenge, and if they complete 100 days of practice by April 30th, their names will be entered in a draw for prizes at the Group Concerts in May.

Let’s grow and develop a real and lasting practice habit for each piano student!

Excellence from the Beginning: Ensuring Your Beginner (Or Older Student!) Is Successful on Lesson Day

Consider these important points as you begin your preparations for your child’s next music lesson! o Mention to your child early in the day that it’s lesson day. o Mention it periodically throughout the day with enthusiasm and interest. o Play the Suzuki CD, focussing on the music that your…

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Successful Parenting and Practicing: How Your Parenting Style Becomes Your Practice Style

Enjoy this article from ESPS parent Apryl Gladue that appeared in the November 2016 edition of Twinkling the Ivories. Recently at the Fall Workshop, Guest Teacher Nicole Wilton presented a thought provoking talk for ESPS parents.  She invited parents to consider what their parenting style is: Lenient? Strict? Wet noodle? Screamer?…

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