Graduation Concerts

2:00 PM – Students of Rhonda

Students of Gail, Tess, Nancy and Eleanor

Due to the current gathering restrictions, the concerts will be online.  Your teacher will send an invite.

Congratulations Volume 7 Graduate Samuel Heintzman

ESPS congratulates Samuel Heintzman, who has completed his studies of the Suzuki piano repertoire and graduated from the Suzuki piano program at a virtual performance on Sunday November 29, 2020.  A student of Nancy Thornhill, Sam’s virtual concert featured works by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, and Bartok. He also performed a…

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Graduation Concerts

Congratulations to all of our graduating musicians!

1:15 PM – Students of Gail and Regine

2:00 PM – Students of Nancy and Tess

3:00 PM – Students of Alla

4:00 PM – Students of Tim, Rhonda and Eleanor

Graduation Concerts

These concerts celebrate the musical accomplishments of ESPS students when they complete a volume of repertoire.  Each student performs three pieces at the concert.  Some are mandatory pieces selected by ESPS teachers and some are student favourites from the volume.

In response to COVID-19 and the necessity of avoiding group activities, this graduation will follow a different format.  Student performances will be recorded, and those will be edited into short video compilations that we’ll post on Youtube.  Families will be notified of their student’s performance time and will be asked to arrive promptly.  Students will be called into the venue one at a time to record their performances.

The concert video will be posted on our website and shared with all of our June ESPS graduates.

Congratulations to our newest ESPS graduates!