June 2020 Graduation Concerts

Graduation concerts celebrate the musical accomplishments of ESPS students when they complete a volume of repertoire.  The determination and tenacity of our students was evident this June as we celebrated a near record number of graduates, despite COVID-19 and the shift to virtual lessons.  Each student performs three pieces at a concert.  Some are mandatory pieces selected by ESPS teachers and some are student favourites from the volume.  Since we couldn’t do that in person this June, we recorded each student performance and compiled videos for everyone to enjoy.

Enjoy the graduation performance of your favourite ESPS student!

Students of Timhttps://youtu.be/Que9-CSOx9g

Students of Tess and Gailhttps://youtu.be/E1CJc5Spsbs

Micah Truong (Volume 7 Graduate): https://youtu.be/eW2uDLfubyU

Students of Rhondahttps://youtu.be/0cYCKOTB7Bc

Students of Reginehttps://youtu.be/ptPJ2-ayeYc

Students of Eleanorhttps://youtu.be/adLaZEwdzk8

Students of Allahttps://youtu.be/qWUVqqa77ow

Students of Nancy:

Corrie https://youtu.be/UL7-z_3ScCs
George https://youtu.be/mVg_LZEXomg
Elliot https://youtu.be/p4gO-eRoGb8
Dahlia https://youtu.be/YM_jrPbDgMA
Chloe https://youtu.be/t2Uf5NZuLLs
Rhys https://youtu.be/nUQdNmEKVVE
Mira https://youtu.be/204Z72rk494
Hannah https://youtu.be/aNZfUy7uZB4
Jane https://youtu.be/pS4r2JZk15U
Ksenia Pankratyeva (Volume 7 Graduate) https://youtu.be/dagXh6UR_K4