Dr. Suzuki’s Birthday


Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was born on October 17, 1898.

In honour of his birth, consider these quotes from Dr. Suzuki.  Which  resonates most with you?

  • When Love is deep, much can be accomplished.
  • Beautiful Tone, Beautiful Heart.
  • If you have the spirit of a young child, you never age.
  • Man is the Son of his environment.
  • Music is the language of the heart without words.
  • Every child improves depending on his/her parents.
  • Great music develops and educates high sensitivity in everybody.
  • The “Law of Ability” will develop each and every child.
  • Creating desire in your child’s heart is the parent’s duty.
  • I respect all living things.
  • A New World begins with a young child.
  • Parents who have smiling faces have children who have smiling faces.
  • Any child can be developed. It depends on how you do it.
  • Perhaps it is music which will save the world.
  • There is no born genius. Education is the way to develop ability.
  • Everything depends on you.
  • Good or evil, beauty or ugliness, daily behaviour itself becomes one’s flesh and blood before one realizes it. It becomes habit through repetition.
  • What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child. By no means only words or music, but everything, good or bad, is absorbed by the child.
  • Self-evaluation is the highest sense as a human being. The children should not only advance but repeat and evaluate their progress.
  • If you grow up in a Stone Age environment, you become a Stone Age man.
  • Now, and 1000 years from now, most important is to educate the person.
  • Don’t hurry don’t rest. Without stopping, without haste, carefully taking one step at a time will surely get you there.
  • Play with heart. Play with living soul.
  • There is no point where we can say, “This is enough.” Always seek finer music, finer performance. Eventually this will change from a learning attitude to a joyful quest which will last throughout our lives.
  • Talent Education, for the happiness of all children.
  • Tone has living soul. Without form it breathes.
  • Everyone can improve. With this belief I have advanced my ability one step forward.
  • Education means to teach and develop. Without development there is nothing.
  • You’ll make mistakes; we all do but trust yourself and think for you.

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