COVID-19 Update – March 18, 2020

The news about COVID – 19 is coming at us incredibly quickly.  As you know, in a bid to encourage social distancing, schools and other venues have been closed throughout Alberta.  Because of this and the need to reduce group interactions, we made the decision to suspend all group classes for the term.

Regarding individual lessons, teachers have taken measures to reduce risk and encourage social distancing in their studios, all with the goal of continuing to provide a musical education to students.  With that in mind, teachers are suspending in-person lessons and will begin conducting all lessons via skype, facetime, zoom or other virtual or electronic methods. 

This is a very difficult time, and kids will be faced with much disruption and uncertainty.  When so much of their regular daily routine has been displaced, we think it is very important to keep the music going!  As Suzuki teachers, we are confident in our ability to come up with creative ways to teach under these trying circumstances.  We encourage you and your kids to maintain their musical routine as our teachers work to develop a new normal at lesson time.  Stay tuned as we adjust to this new reality.

For many of us, virtual teaching is new and there will be some speed bumps as we get started.  We encourage parents, particularly those who have tech experience or are comfortable with virtual learning to share ideas and suggestions with your teacher.  We are keen to accept the challenge of teaching our ESPS students in new and interesting ways.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your teacher or with me should you have any questions.  We want to do our very best to ensure that our students, parents and teachers are safe, healthy and working in harmony during this very uncertain time.

Kim Green