Congratulations Volume 7 Graduate Samuel Heintzman

ESPS congratulates Samuel Heintzman, who has completed his studies of the Suzuki piano repertoire and graduated from the Suzuki piano program at a virtual performance on Sunday November 29, 2020. 

A student of Nancy Thornhill, Sam’s virtual concert featured works by Bach, Mozart, Debussy, and Bartok. He also performed a jazz piece by Ellington and ended the concert with an entertaining Bumble Boogie!

Samuel’s Biography:

My name is Samuel, and I am in the Edmonton Suzuki Piano program. Music is a big part of my life as I come from a long line of musicians, so I am constantly surrounded by it. My first memory of the piano was when I was around three years old or so, and I would sit beside my Dad on Sunday morning at church and watch him play the piano. From this I discovered my love for music and a couple of years later I started taking lessons.

Music is a great passion of mine and I have also taken great interest in the trumpet, drums, and bass guitar so I often always have something to practice. I love to listen to music and explore different styles and history. It is my dream to pursue a career as a musician.

I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful people that have supported me in my journey that began 9 years ago with the Edmonton Suzuki Piano School. The Suzuki program has given me lots of experience and opportunity to better myself as a pianist and I am grateful that I can share my talent with others. For all these years I would like to thank my teacher, Nancy Thornhill for guiding me and helping me to become the best piano player I can be.