Congratulations to Volume 7 Graduate Ksenia Pankratyeva

ESPS congratulates Ksenia Pankratyeva, who has completed her studies of the Suzuki piano repertoire and graduated from the Suzuki piano program at a virtual concert on Sunday June 14, 2020. 

A student of Nancy Thornhill, Ksenia’s virtual concert featured works by Mozart, Handel, Chopin, and Granados. She also performed one of her own compositions, Remembering Love.

Ksenia’s Biography:

My name is Ksenia and I am a graduate from McNally High School. Music has been a great part of my family through the generations, with every person having learned the piano all from young ages. My memories of first attempts to play the instrument go back to the times when I was four years old or so.  I was trying to copy my older sister and felt like I played pretty well but for some reason she said there was a room for an improvement.  Maybe she passed that crazy idea on to our parents or maybe my parents just noticed that after months and months of practice I didn’t go any further than do-re-mi and they placed me into the school. Here I am now 12 years later still practicing and still trying to improve.

I am deeply in love with music. Besides playing piano I love composing, arranging music and dancing. I can spend hours in my little home studio shaping a music passage I feel needs improvement. Those are my favourite hours. So maybe one day you’ll hear my music in a movie or a TV show. Why not? A girl can dream.

I am very grateful for the journey that started 12 years ago with the Edmonton Suzuki Piano School that gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from many great music teachers and musicians. All these years I was carefully guided and inspired by my teacher, Nancy Thornhill, who invested so much love and effort into the piano player and the person I have become.