Congratulations Graduates!

Upon completion of each volume of the Suzuki repertoire, ESPS students perform three pieces from their graduating volume in a graduation concert. ESPS celebrated our most recent graduates in several small concerts at Alberta College Conservatory of Music’s Muttart Hall.

Congratulations to all of these graduating students:

Volume 1

Anastasia Mihon

Georgia Yarmon

Volume 2

Connor Guo

Crosby Kim

Anna Maria Rachwal

Alicia Rojas

Alyssa Shan

Volume 3

Toluwani Omisore

Nico Ruiz

Lucas Wanderley

Edward Xiong

Volume 4

Mia Luo

Volume 5

Anita Guo

Volume 6

Abigail Chua

Mark Rico-Lam

Weiran Sun

Elise VandenBorn