Congratulations Book 7 Graduate Dariush Khani-Hanjani!

On Sunday, March 11th, Book 7 student Dariush Khani-Hanjani will perform at a special recital to celebrate his completion of the Suzuki repertoire and the ESPS program. Dariush is a student of Regine Maier and Joyce Sipsas, and he’ll perform works that include Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata, and Clair de Lune by Debussy.

The concert will take place on Sunday, March 11 at 2:00 pm at PCL Hall (5th Floor) at Grant MacEwan’s Alberta College Campus (10050 MacDonald Drive). ESPS members are invited to enjoy this very special performance.

Congratulations to Dariush for this tremendous achievement!

DariushKhani-Hanjani – Biography

My name is Dariush Khani-Hanjani and I am in grade nine at Ottewell Jr. High. I was first exposed to music when listening to my mom and sister practicing violin and piano together. I fiddled around on the piano keys from a young age and started piano lessons with my mom when I was 4 and a half and continue lessons with her today.

I have also taken piano lessons with Tim Eckert (for the first two Suzuki piano books) and also with my other current teacher, Regine Maier (since book five Suzuki). As well as private lessons, I attended group class at Suzuki school and was taught by my mom, Tim Eckert and Ruth Johnson. While at Suzuki Charter Elementary School, I played in my first chamber group led by Rob Hryciw. I enjoy the challenge of learning new music and love to practice and perform my pieces.

Besides recitals and graduations, I have performed at many Suzuki piano festivals and participated in my first Kiwanis competition at the age of nine. I have received first and second prizes and have been given feedback and adjudicated by Joseph Fridman, Michel Fournier, Michael Massey, and Jacques Després. I also enjoy attending operas and ESO performances, musicals, and folk festivals, all of which have contributed to my appreciation of music. As well as classical piano, I like playing jazz, movie music, and improvising. I plan to transition into the Royal Conservatory program after graduating from Suzuki. When I started grade seven I began learning the trombone at Ottewell, and I enjoy playing in concert band and jazz band. My band teacher, Jayne Montgomery, encourages me to take risks in music.

My other hobbies besides music are skiing, mountain biking, building projects in my garage, and spending time with my dog Paisley, who always listens to me practice.

2016 Fall Graduation