Are You Interested in Piano Lessons for Your Child?

Consider joining Edmonton Suzuki Piano School!

The Edmonton Suzuki Piano School provides musical development to students, parents, and teachers following the Suzuki Method. 
We seek to create a learning community, which embraces excellence and nurtures the human spirit.

ESPS provides individual and group piano lessons based on the approach developed by Japanese musician and educator, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

While Dr. Suzuki was in Germany studying violin and struggling with the German language, he observed that young German children had a much easier time learning the language than he did. It occurred to him that all normally developing children learn to speak their native language fluently at a very young age. One might even say that all very young children are particularly “talented” at their own language.

Dr. Suzuki examined the educational techniques used instinctively by parents to teach language to their babies. He called this the “Mother Tongue” Approach and theorized that these same techniques could be applied to teaching music.

He believed that all children, given a nurturing environment at home, could learn music in the same way they learned language—that they could all, in effect, be as “talented” at music as they were at language.

Getting Started with ESPS

ESPS is a registered not-for-profit society and charitable corporation that is governed by a Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors contracts with teachers to provide a musical education for its members.

Our community of ESPS teachers welcome students  into their home studios throughout Edmonton.  You may contact any of our teachers to enquire about availability.   If accepting new students, the teacher will  arrange a time for you and your child to come and observe another student’s lesson.   Observations provide families with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the ESPS program and the Suzuki approach. Additionally, families get to know the teacher and learn more about the expectations for teacher, parent and student. Before registering with ESPS and beginning lessons, parents and child are required to arrange several observations with an ESPS teacher.

Registration Fees: After you have chosen a teacher and completed observations, you can complete the registration package and begin lessons.  There are two fees associated with registration: ESPS membership fees for a beginner student in 2019/20 are $295. There is also a yearly tuition fee of $1110. There are several payment options for this fee, including monthly post-dated cheques. Families are also asked to provide a $100 volunteer commitment cheque, which is returned after families complete their volunteer task for the year.  ESPS does offer year-round enrolment, and the tuition rates will be adjusted to reflect a reduced lesson schedule.

The ESPS membership fee covers 9 hours of group lessons, parent workshop, 2 recitals per year for each student at concert venues throughout the city,  one copy per family of each Suzuki book and CD, graduation concerts, and a yearly group concert. Fees also subsidize the cost of special events like our Fall Workshop and Spring Festival. The tuition fee to your teacher covers the cost of 37 30-minute individual lessons from September to June each year.

To help you get started, we offer a parent orientation workshop twice a year. The 3-hour workshop welcomes parents into the ESPS program, provides an introduction to the Suzuki philosophy, and looks at the first book of repertoire that you and your child will be learning. Finally, the workshop provides invaluable tips on developing effective practising skills as well as learning strategies for motivating students at home.

Please note that you will need an acoustic piano, not a digital keyboard.