100-Day Practice Challenge – Photo Album

Back in January, we challenged ESPS students to develop their practice habit by practicing for 100 days. Teachers checked in with students each week to see how they were doing, and celebrated when students achieved their 25, 50 and 75-day milestones. The deadline to complete the challenge was April 30th. Boy, are we pleased with the results! 88 students (what a fitting number for a piano school!) successfully finished the challenge, and countless more came really close.

Over the length of the challenge, teachers reported that many students improved their commitment to practice and were more engaged at lesson time. Many students who participated also began making great progress in their studies. All in all, a win for everyone!

The 88 students who completed the challenge were entered into a draw for prizes. The winners were:

Main Prizes: Hayley K, Ini O, Michael R, Violette H, Ella S

Runner-Up Prizes: Ethan Z, Abigail C, Lubomyr B, Zachary C, Michael W, and Alexander C

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the 100-Day Practice Challenge! Should we do it again nest year?

Enjoy our 100-Day photo album. Thanks so much to the families and teachers who contributed photos!

Rhonda's 100 Day Milestones